What does 2018 smell like?

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What does 2018 smell like?

Forevermore, when starting a New Year we set new resolutions aiming to accomplish as: going to the gym, eating healthy, traveling more… A New Year means a new beginning and the chance to live our lives to the fullest.

As Dauper’s main goal for 2018 is to create a platform of knowledge about the exciting world of smells, we have created this blog. It reflects the Dauperians’ day to day – a team that makes the difference by its constant curiosity and passion for the sector of fragrances & flavours.

The essence of our company is a constant need of discovery and experiment that pushes us back to the limits of knowledge and concludes in discovering new ways to create different and surprising products. Without this passion, the Dauper adventure would never have been possible.

This blog’s objective is to impart all the curiosities of the sector, as well as the latest trends in fragrances & flavors, while offering entertainment content which introduces you in the part of art that suppose the creation of a fragrance.

And as couldn’t care less, we started this blog by adding Olfactory Notes and accords to this year.  After an exhaustive study of the latest trends in fragrance, Dauper’s professionals will nominate, the smells of 2018.

2018 smells of nature, of optimistic people, of change evolution… Smells of emotion and joy of living, of creating new sensations aimed to enchant our senses. Here it comes our selection! Enjoy it!


BAMBOO & JAPANESE SHISO: (Green – Herbaceous )

 Refreshing natural touch of Asian bamboo combined with herbaceous and fougeres Japanese Shiso. Shiso is an Asian culinary herb which has a peppery fresh and agrestic profile. With Its herbaceous composition drags you into a scented pristine nature.



A wellness accord of aromatic Mediterranean Sage & warm Oriental Oud. Oud (or Oudh) is one of the most expensive raw scent ingredients in the world, often called “liquid gold”. It’s considered strong and almost animalistic. This oud is fused with it antonym “Mediterranean sage”. Mediterranean sage is a fresh, soft and delicate fragrance that is interpreted as a warm breeze carrying thoughts away.



Floral beauty blast of great femininity from sweetie scented tropical Sampaguita Jasmine and delicate white flowers. Sampaguita is considered a symbol of fidelity, purity, devotion, strength and dedication.



This year the violet will be in vogue and our proposal is a fresh floral accord of violet leaves and petals evoking the positive energy and optimism mixed with a warm and sensual background of musk and a final organic and earthy touch of Jatamansi to obtain that harmony between mind and body.


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