What does color smell like?

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The new year began to mark us new purposes and objectives. From Dauper one of our goals set for this 2019 is to keep sharing our knowledge, interests and curiosities about sense of smell and the world fragrances through our different channels: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram y Youtube.

And we started giving color to this blog … it is good to be surprised in the perfumery universe.

If the colors had an odor … what would it be?

Color and smell have a great sensory connection. In perfumery, colors have been chosen with a purpose due to cultural reasons, perfumer evocations or influenced by the conceptual idea requested by the large firms. The color of a perfume can speaks of the essence that keeps and even get to condition the idea you have of the perfume itself.

The fusion between color, concept and fragrance in perfumery arrived thanks to Fracoise Coty, who conceived perfume as a mass product instead of product reserved for the upper class like that moment. The importance was given to the bottle and color of the fragrance apart from fragrance, which is currently a key element and differential in perfumery.

Starting from the importance of color in fragrances we asked from our facilities what smell they would describe the colors. Some of the most creative answers will be found in the following lines.


BLACK: For our team, the black color smells like Tea, Wet earth, Oudh, Pepper, Amber Dark, and Leather. The most spiritual dare to encompass it conceptually in darkness, sadness, the unknown or even elegance. Considering the different perceptions of our Team, we could grant to the black color the ORIENTAL olfactory family, next to the grey one. Warm, sensual and sophisticated fragrances. Species and wood could be included in the color black too.

GOLDEN: Gold is a luxury color. There are many signatures both Eastern and Western that dress their perfumes in gold, endowing them with luxury and glamor implicit in color. It is a warm color that for our team smells of sand, saffron, vanilla and musk, key components in perfumes with oriental airs.


ORANGE: If the orange were an odor it would be a stimulating and fresh fragrance full of positive energy. Color and smell are closely related in the orange. The Tangerine, Peach, Marygold, Bergamot, Mango and Orange would be part of the orange. Therefore, when you think of orange, the FRUITY olfactory subfamily comes to mind. Fruit perfumes are characterized by their softness and freshness, a happy fragrance.

RED: Those who see a fragrance as red perceive it as dynamic and motivating. They look for a fragrance full of activity and vitality. A fruity fragrance from Strawberry, Rose, Grapefruit, Cherry, Apple, Saffron, Geranium, Carnation, Tomato, Pomegranate, Cherry that were included in the category red odor by our Team. On a conceptual level, Hope, Life, Holidays, Christmas and Fire define this smell.


BROWN: The brown could be attributed elegant and warm notes. Odors such as Cinnamon, Cookie, Chocolate, Caramel, Coffee, Wood, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Chestnut and Honey are brown smell. Conceptually level seriousness is brown. We can add Brown in WOODY fragrance family. In this group we find male perfumes, aromatic fragrances with freshness combined with dry woods and notes of tobacco and leather.

FLORAL FRAGRANCE: Pink, Violet and White

PINK: Pink we find light fragrances full of harmony, purity and delicacy. Cotton Candy, Cherry Blossom, Almond Blossom, Strawberry, Rose, Carnation would smell pink. The floral notes are one of the most frequent components in women’s perfumery, that is why it is the largest and most popular olfactory family of all, the FLORAL family.

VIOLET: The violet color smells of opportunity, magic, hidden and mystery. Violet, Blackberry, Lilac and Lavender are of violet smell, floral and mysterious fragrances at the same time.

WHITE: A clean, clear and fresh fragrance. Coconut, Anise, Cream, Milk, Cotton, Jasmine, Orchid, Lily Conceptually: Cold, Tranquility.


GREEN: We would associate green with a refreshing, energetic and youthful fragrance. They evoke us directly to gardens and grass or even fruits and vegetables such as Apple, Melon, Avocado, Bamboo, Aloe, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Green Tea and Mint. They also evoke optimism, rebelliousness and dynamism.

WATER FRAGRANCE: Blue and Yellow

BLUE: Blue smells of light and lively fragrance. Sea, Salt, Clean and Lavender would be in this category. The AQUATIC olfactory family is the one that best fits with blue. Ozonic, fresh fragrances that evoke us directly to the blue of the sea and its salty smell.

YELLOW: The yellow smells like elegant and radiant fragrance with a chic touch. Banana, Solar Spray, Magnolia, Mimosa and Pineapple. At a conceptual level, the Sun, Joy, Optimism, Energy. It is the characteristic citrus touch of marine fragrances.

We hope you will be inspired!

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