Brain and Smell, a close connection

By Vanessa Millàs On Friday, February 16 th, 2018 · no Comments · In

According to Branding expert Mr. Martin Lindstrom, smell runs through 3 out of 4 daily emotions. Smell is the most primary and powerful sense and the one that generates the greatest memory impact.

The odors may cause many reactions. These range from the peace and quiet of a gentle floral scent applied in a spa or hotel room, to the confidence provided by the fresh herbal smell in a dental clinic or the smell of fresh bread that building up our appetite in the supermarket.

There are some odors that can increase an apace heart rhythm to scare or scheme us. There are even others that create the reverse effect and just inhaling them we can get to relax.

Besides, according to the Nobel prize of Medicine Richard Axel, the smell study allows understanding the mental functioning and problems related to it, such as Alzheimer’s.

At Dauper we are aware of the fragrances impact upon our behavior. Hence the interest in discovering which parts of the brain are activated when we are exposed to a certain odor.

EmosCent was created in order to provide our clients scientific studies based on how odors influence our emotions. the odors influence. Thanks to neuronal recognition sensors we can analyze what changes our brain experiences when perceiving a certain fragrance. This technological advance together with the knowledge in combining scents of our perfumers allows us to create fragrances capable of appealing to our state of mind through fragrances applied to any product of detergency, personal care and ambience.

Smell is a good tool to create brand identity, along with touch and hearing. In the same way that we remember the perfume of a loved one or the aroma of freshly cut grass, we can easily relate fragrances to brands. Thanks to Emoscent we get back one of the most powerful communication channels we have, the smell.

As our slogan indicates, in Dauper we create emotions for your senses, for that reason we want to offer significantly to our fragrances a plus aiming to improve the experiences that we are living in our daily routines.

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