Future Trends

Future Trends

The future of the fragrances and its trends according to our perfumers. Thinking about the situation, nowadays, of the perfumery, following the evolution and analysing the latest trends in fashion, in art, in technology, in marketing and in the social and cultural changes that are arising, we are able to have a view of the trends in perfumery that appear in the present situation and they will become important in the future. These trends have got elements which make them differents and also these elements make that, through the evolution of its characteristics, these trends become in characteristics really different.

We can classify these future trends in five groups:


Simplicity and fresh, it is addressed to people who does not want difficulties and who find the beauty in the simplicity and in the small details of living daily. Frangrances with simple chords, which give preference the well-being and the comfort to glamour or refinement. Compositions with smelled notes which express directly the simplicity and the clarity, with a linear perception, as it could be the fresh, ozonic or citric notes with soft bottoms created to compact the final structure.


An exaltation of the nature and the ecologic, it is addressed to people who enjoy the environment and who appreciate everything that the nature offer to us. Compositions, with materials from the nature, traditional and with ethnic connotations, are looking for the integration with the environment. Their chords can be very varied, with green notes, floral, fruit, spiced, fougere, chipre or oriental strokes of the brush.

actual - fussion

An urban trend which is in constant evolution, it uses more the advanced technology and it takes delight in imaginary mixtures, merging styles and materials. It uses both natural essences and aromatic of synthesis and it tries to incorporate always new materials. Compositions with lots of contrasts and hidden shades, that they try to wonder in an original and innovative way. It experiences with not many conventional chords, exploring to the maximum with the imagination and with the technique.

luxe - sumptuos

Luxurious and refined, it means distinction, glamour and sumptuousness. These compositions are enveloping, outlandish and full of shades with the incorporation of materials with a very good quality and with precious essences. The chords are floral, oriental, sweet, woody,…with very elaborated structures and tenacious bottoms which enrapture with its voluptuosness.

sexy - glow

Provocative, transgressor and sensual, it is addressed to people who does not like going unnoticed. Compositions which liberate our senses more primary, waking up our perception and creating an attractive and casual atmosphere. Seductive and flashy chords with smelled fruit notes, spiced or floral ones, maked round with sweet and alimentary notes and pungent bottoms.

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