Olfactory Marketing

Olfactory Marketing

Do you know what the Amazon forest smells like? Would you like to remember the atmosphere, the smell, and the sensations of your last holiday on the beach?.. Or what sensation or memories would the smell of a church or a school arouse when opening a bottle?

The world of fragrances is something fascinating, which awakens our instincts, our memories, our emotions.

Our Chief Perfumer, is capable of recreating in the laboratory, the smells of situations, places and atmospheres…

Leading to a new concept in the world of fragrances, leading to a new term: “Atmospheric Art”.

This marketing creates around the product or the service a multi-sensorial atmosphere and increases their attraction by using the emotions of the (potential) customer.

Hand by hand with Atmospheric Art, in and experimental way and without any profit purposes we were one of the pioneers on Europe of Olfactory Marketing even before the concept was created as it own as an additional marketing resource for businesses to achieve better sales results.

Now days and due to the growing demand on technical advice and the need to provide professionals for this type of marketing, Dauper, S.A. has joined all its experience on Olfactory Marketing which has been resumed in our new catalogue of atmosphere fragrances to aromatize spaces.

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