Top Trends: New fragrances for Beauty & Personal Care products

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Cosmetics and personal care products demand is currently undergoing a continuous increase worldwide. This, along the emergence of innovative products, forces us to investigate constantly about the essences that will be most requested in the future. From Dauper we want to share with you three key fragrances trends for personal care. We hope you will be inspired!

FOODIE-SCENT: “It smells delicious”

We started with the sweetest trend where the mainly olfactory family is gourmand.

Gourmand means greedy in French and as we can predict is a mixt of notes that comes from the food industry, adapted to the perfumery world. Its purpose is to achieve new sensations, such as the taste bud’s stimulation thanks to the close connection between the sense of smell and taste.

In this category we find fragrances with a sweet touch that children like so much and it transports us through history, remembering happy moments of our childhood. This, together with the boom that we are experiencing in gastronomy with renowned chefs who have turned dishes into a sensory experience, takes the boost of the use of “kitchen” notes in personal care.

A key fragrance in this category is vanilla. Vanilla is one of the most recognizable and lasting essences of the perfumers’ palette. Its sweet and warm smell is a guarantee of perfume success. Its durability on the skin and its ability to enhance other notes contribute to it potential as an olfactory note.

NATURE-SCENT: “Odors of mother earth”

The recent Global Beauty & Personal Care study carried out by the market intelligence agency Mintel “Playing Mother Nature” highlights the enlargement of natural ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products.

Brands will be very aware of nature when covering new product developments. In general, we are seeing more natural, organic products, careful with all skin types and at the same time with that touch of sophistication that we all expect. The search for more respectful products with our skin and hair is the answer to this growing concern for health.

On the other hand, there are more and more allergies and people with sensitive skin so fragrances without allergens will be the order of the day.

SEA-SCENT: “The marine beauty”

We are increasingly aware of the planet’s deterioration. In the future, water will become a highly protected resource and its use will be limited.

Water will go from being an essential resource for cosmetic and beauty products to a limited resource, requiring ever smaller quantities. Examples such as wipes, dry shampoos or body soaps that do not need rinsing are part of this change of perspective.

Under this trend we can find the olfactory family of aquatics. They are fresh and light fragrances that evoke the different sources of water that we have: seas, waterfalls, rivers…

These fragrances are distinguished by their refreshing contribution allowing to transmit benefits such as hydration, the sensation of cleanliness and well-being to the final product.

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